Kenny Burrell: Chitlins Con Carne


Chitlins Con Carne


Kenny Burrell (guitar)


Midnight Blue (Blue Note 7243 4 95335 2 3)

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Kenny Burrell (guitar), Stanley Turrentine (tenor sax), Major Holley (bass), Ray Barretto (conga),

Bill English (drums)


Composed by Kenny Burrell


Recorded: Englewood Cliffs, NJ, January 7, 1963


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

Strictly speaking (and we here at are semantic sticklers), "Chitlins Con Carne" is double-talk. Since chitlins are pig guts and carne is meat, "Chitlins Con Carne" means meat with meat. This track, though, is so tasty, we're willing to cut Kenny Burrell some slack. No doubt he was thinking of Blue Note + bossa nova, which Chef Kenny combines to culinary quintessence. Spice with Ray Barretto's conga, simmer over Stanley Turrentine's heated tenor sax, stir frequently with Chef Kenny's funky guitar, and you'll get a mouthwatering stew more delicious than meat with meat. Best served with beer con cerveza.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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