Mark Murphy: Skylark / You Don't Know What Love Is


Skylark / You Don't Know What Love Is


Mark Murphy (vocals)


Once to Every Heart (Verve 5476)

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Mark Murphy (vocals), Till Brönner (flugelhorn), Frank Chastenier (piano), Christian von Kaphengst (bass).

Orchestra arranged and conducted by Nan Schwartz


Recorded: Berlin, no date given (CD released in 2005)


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

How many singers have performed at this high level in their seventies? Aspiring jazz vocalists should not just listen to this recording - they need to study it. There is not a single facile or uninspired phrase in this six-and-a-half minute performance. Murphy floats behind the beat or hurries ahead; he bends the notes both ways, and measures the tolerances in microns. He coos and whispers and even howls, crazy like a loon; sometimes sighing sweetly, like a nightingale serenading the moon. And though you will marvel at the vocal, don't ignore producer Till Brönner, a trumpeter and flugelhornist of real distinction. Even if (like me) you already own a stack of Murphy CDs, find a place in your collection for this release.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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