Mark Whitfield: OGD (Road Song)


OGD (Road Song)


Mark Whitfield (guitar)


Mark Whitfield and the Groove Masters (Vega Records ART-1030)


Mark Whitfield (guitar), Dr. Lonnie Smith (organ),

Winard Harper (drums)


Recorded: Tokyo, August 6, 2005


Rating: 96/100 (learn more)

“OGD” is one of the most recognizable songs in Wes Montgomery’s catalogue, and yet Mark Whitfield’s trio, the Groove Masters, owns it here. Mark Whitfield and the Groove Masters is one of the best organ trio recordings to come along in recent years, and “OGD” is its highlight. In one measure Whitfield carefully searches for his notes, and in the next he picks with blazing speed. Dr. Lonnie Smith plays a single bass note for much of the tune, infusing it with a heart-pumping quality, and out of his hands spill some of the most soulful notions ever heard in the Eastern Hemisphere or anywhere else. Drummer Winard Harper doesn’t seek the spotlight, but his constantly changing propulsion is key to the dynamic feeling of the performance.

Reviewer: Steve Greenlee


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