Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd: Samba Triste


Samba Triste


Stan Getz (tenor sax) and Charlie Byrd (guitar)


Jazz Samba (Verve 314 521 413-2)

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Stan Getz (tenor sax), Charlie Byrd (guitar), Keter Betts (bass, guitar),

Buddy Deppenschmidt, Bill Reinchenbach (drums)


Composed by Baden Powell and Billy Blanco


Recorded: Washington, D.C., February 13, 1962


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

This track appeared on the pioneering, hugely successful Jazz Samba album because guitarist Charlie Byrd wanted to include a minor-keyed samba. Stan Getz takes this relatively simple tune and makes it memorable with the aching melancholy of his horn. “Samba Triste” was the first commercial success for its composer, Baden Powell (1937-2000), who is still considered one of Brazil’s greatest guitarists. Like Jobim, Powell wrote songs with the poet Vinicius de Moraes – “Consolao” being one of their most famous – but Powell was more focused on native Brazilian culture and his melodies are darker than Jobim’s.

Reviewer: Judith Schlesinger

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