Anthony Braxton: Composition 67 (+147 +96)


Composition 67 (+147 +96)


Anthony Braxton (alto sax, clarinet, contrabass clarinet, flute, sopranino)


Willisau (Quartet) 1991 (Hatology 610)

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Anthony Braxton (alto sax, clarinet, contrabass clarinet, flute, sopranino), Marilyn Crispell (piano), Marc Dresser (bass), Gerry Hemingway (drums).

Recorded: Mohren, Willisau, Switzerland. June, 1991


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

"Composition 67 (+147 +96)" comes from the majestic (yet out of print!) Willisau set. Beginning with a "sound environment spiral," the listener might be reminded of Steve Reich as the tightly wound group ostinato slowly devolves with the players shifting away from unison. What follows can almost be thought of as an aural parlor trick. The composition unwinds, layers are added and things make more sense. By the time Braxton has switched from flute to contrabass clarinet to sopranino, with Crispell and Hemingway simultaneously maintaining the pulse while adding commentary, and with Dresser framing everything in - the complexity that has taken over makes perfect sense. Amazing stuff.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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