Otis Taylor: My Soul's in Louisiana


My Soul's In Louisiana


Otis Taylor (vocals, guitar)


White African (Northern Blues NBM0002)

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Otis Taylor (vocals, guitar),

Kenny Passarelli (bass)


Recorded: No recording date given; CD released in 2001


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

Otis Taylor has been claimed by the blues world, but jazz fans should not miss this dynamo performer who works a groove like a man possessed. Taylor's great recordings of the last few years were almost lost to us. He retired from the music scene in 1977, shortly before his 30th birthday, to focus on selling antiques. But his return to the studio a quarter of a century later resulted in the acclaimed release White African (2001), and set the stage for sold-out concerts and follow-up recordings. This is potent music, one foot in the swamp and another giving you a kick in the pants. Don't pass on this artist - Taylor is the real deal.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia


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