The Four Freshmen: It's a Blue World


Itís a Blue World


The Four Freshmen


The Four Freshmen (Capitol Collectors Series CDP 7931972)

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The Four Freshmen: Bob Flanigan (vocals, bass), Don Barbour (vocals, guitar), Ross Barbour (vocals, drums), Hal Kratzsch (vocals)


Composed by Robert Wright & Chet Forrest


Recorded: Hollywood, CA, June 29, 1951


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

Recognizing Americans' notoriously weak math skills, The Four Freshmen were among many 1950s male vocal quartets to helpfully provide a headcount in their name (e.g., Four Aces, Four Coins, Four Knights, Four Lads, Four Tunes). The Freshmen never more than flirted with jazz, but added occasional jazz flavor to the pop charts when that was rare. Still, nothing in their earlier output predicted this celestial serenade, the first and finest of their hits, with harmonies recalling mentor Stan Kenton's trombone section. Does hair grow in Heaven? We ask because, at their best, The Four Freshmen sounded like Heavenís barbershop quartet.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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