André Previn: Night and Day (2007)


Night and Day


André Previn (piano)


Alone (Emarcy 9092)

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André Previn (piano).

Composed by Cole Porter


Recorded: New York, no date given (CD released in 2007)


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

André Previn has been recording jazz for more than fifty years. But it’s still hard to pin him down. Sometimes he seems content to dig into a funky ebony and ivory bag, à la Horace Silver. At other moments he follows gingerly in the large footsteps of Leonard Bernstein or George Gershwin. But, strange to say, for all of his renown in classical music (only two of his ten Grammies are for jazz), Previn’s improvisational work hardly reflects the influence of his symphonic career. Bill Evans and Cecil Taylor – both born within a few months of Previn – often sound more inspired by classical music than the great conductor and composer from Berlin. But on “Night and Day,” from his recent solo piano recording Alone, Previn puts aside the blues licks and cocktail piano runs, and mounts a full-scale attack on Cole Porter's venerable standard. Previn's conception is artsy with a European flavor, and his reharmonization is nothing less than brilliant. Recordings of this caliber show why – in the age of Mehldau and Moran – this elder statesman of the keyboard still commands our attention.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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