Don Ellis: Slow Space


Slow Space


Don Ellis (trumpet)


Essence (EMI MQP1101)

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Don Ellis (trumpet), Paul Bley (piano), Gary Peacock (bass),

Gene Stone (drums)


Composed by Don Ellis


Recorded: Hollywood, CA, July 16, 1962


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

Cruising at warp speed, we lose our sense of velocity. Surveying the illimitable reaches, we confront infinite stretches of emptiness. Space and time crawl. At last, having penetrated deepest recesses, our inertial dampers bring the mighty ship to a stop. It is quiet. Commander Ellis and his mission specialists methodically place sonic buoys at strategic intervals to serve as guideposts for future travelers. When not fingering his keyboard, jazztronaut Bley reaches into the innards of his unlidded instrument, dampening, strumming and plucking by hand. Peacock and Stone show the restraint of Zen gardeners. Humans are in space. Slow space.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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