Herbie Mann: Push Push


Push Push


Herbie Mann (flute)


Push Push (Embryo SD-532-2)

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Herbie Mann (flute), Duane Allman (guitar), Cornell Dupree (guitar), Richard Tee (keyboards), Chuck Rainey (guitar), Bernard Purdie (drums), Ralph MacDonald (percussion).

Composed by Herbie Mann


Recorded: New York, City, NY. September 1971


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

The participants here set Mann’s composition in a great groove. The record is more famous to some for the presence of Duane Allman and there is good reason for praise. For me it’s another instance that begs the question ‘what if’ he’d lived to play more of this kind of music and explore even further. That being said, the real star of the session is Mann and his interaction with his rhythm section. The way these cats react to the soloists is stunning. It sounds like they’ve been playing together for decades. Real pros!

Reviewer: Frank Murphy


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