Michael Bublé: Summer Wind


Summer Wind


Michael Bublé (vocals)


Michael Bublé (143 Records / Reprise 48376)

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Michael Bublé (vocals),

big band featuring Bob Sheppard (tenor saxophone), Randy Waldman (piano), Frank Capp (drums), John Pisano (guitar), Rafael Padilla (percussion)


Arranged by Johnny Mandel. Music composed by Henry Mayer with lyrics by Johnny Mercer and Hans Bradke


Recorded: Malibu, California, no recording date given (CD released in 2003)


Rating: 79/100 (learn more)

If Bublé is the future of jazz singing, then the future looks just like the past. This young Canadian vocalist has genuine talent, but he is so tightly packaged by his handlers that he might be some computer- generated version of a modern-day crooner. Mix in boyish good looks, a swagger, an attitude, some classic band charts, and a slick publicity campaign, and this is what the result looks like. But Bublé's vocal cords are strong, and he projects with the energy of an American Idol finalist. When he finds his own voice, Bublé might create something of lasting value. In the meantime, we don't need one more Harry Connick wannabe.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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