Richard 'Groove' Holmes: Indiana


(Back Home Again in) Indiana



On Basie’s Bandstand (Prestige PRCD-11028-2)

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Richard 'Groove' Holmes (organ),

Gene Edwards (guitar), George Randall (drums)


Recorded: New York, April 22, 1966


Rating: 98/100 (learn more)

Now here is a burning number. Richard “Groove” Holmes pulls out all the stops in leading his trio through a riotous take of “(Back Home Again in) Indiana” to open a stand at Count Basie’s in New York. He does everything imaginable to his B-3 over the course of these nine and a half minutes – dazzling runs up and down the keys, pulse-quickening arpeggios and glissandos, hair-raising sustains. The drummer, George Randall, churns and churns the rhythm, eliciting sympathy for his poor drum kit, which is having its senses knocked out. Guitarist Gene Edwards, who had been comping ably with chords, strikes forth with a blistering, single-note solo, and then Holmes is at it again, soloing in double time. What a romp.

Reviewer: Steve Greenlee

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