Spontaneous Music Ensemble: Karyobin, Part 1


Karyobin, Part 1


Spontaneous Music Ensemble


Karyobin Are the Imaginary Birds Said to Live in Paradise (Paratactile 2001)

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Kenny Wheeler (trumpet, flugelhorn), Evan Parker (soprano sax), Derek Bailey (guitar), Dave Holland (bass),

John Stevens (drums)


Recorded: Olympic Sound Studios. London. February, 1968


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

Collective improvisation takes many forms, from the brazen “energy music” of a Peter Brotzmann to Ornette Coleman's Free Jazz double quartet. On the quieter side of things lies England's groundbreaking Spontaneous Music Ensemble. On “Karyobin,” the focus is on the musician's ear, resulting in an extremely high level of interplay. Phrases are offered up in quick succession, each a response to the last. A ride-cymbal pattern evokes a chromatic response from the trumpet, which is then extended by the sax...and the guitar. The breathtaking changes of direction give shape to what initially appear as abstractions. Brilliant stuff.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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