Cuong Vu: Vina's Lullaby


Vina's Lullaby


Cuong Vu (trumpet)


Come Play With Me (Knitting Factory KFW-298)

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Cuong Vu (trumpet),

Stomu Takeishi (bass), John Hollenbeck (drums)


Recorded: Mr. Small's Funhouse. May 18, 2001


Rating: 84/100 (learn more)

To label Cuong Vu a jazz trumpeter is to severely limit the scope of his musical imagination. He can take an initial idea, alter it through effects, muse on the result...and repeat the cycle until variations of the original theme form that seem both otherworldly and perfectly natural. On “Vina's Lullaby,” Vu and bassist Stomu Takeishi sketch out the lonesome melody before the full trio begins a series of choruses. Just when you're certain that the head will return, the group launches off into the stratosphere – Cuong's horn shrieks, Takeishi's bass growls, and Hollenbeck tries to hold it all together. I don't know who Vina is, but I sure hope this lullaby didn't lead to nightmares!

Reviewer: Mark Saleski


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