Jamie Cullum: Singin' in the Rain


Singin' in the Rain


Jamie Cullum (vocals, keyboard)


Twentysomething (Verve 2273)

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Jamie Cullum (vocals, keyboard),

Geoff Gascoyne (bass), Francis Fuster (percussion), John Paricelli (guitar), Jackie Shane (violin), Gavin Wright (violin), Bruce White (viola)


Composed by Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown


Recorded: No date given. CD released in 2004


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

Cullum shows his generation how to reinterpret an old song. "Singin' in the Rain" has been performed and parodied so many times, only a great vocalist can make it sound as fresh as a spring shower. Cullum does just that on this 2004 recording, from his invigorating Twentysomething release. Above the sparkling re-harmonization and strutting groove, Cullum offers his full range of vocal tricks—humming, cooing, jumping up for an overripe falsetto, or falling back to blend in with the strings. A great recording by one of the finest singers of the new generation.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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