Ken Clark: Eternal Funk


Eternal Funk


Ken Clark (organ)


Eternal Funk (Severn Records 0021)

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Ken Clark (organ),

Mike Mele (guitar), Steve Chaggaris (drums)


Recorded: Crownsville, Maryland, 2003


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

You’ve probably never heard of organist Ken Clark, but he deserves wider attention. “Eternal Funk” is a smoking blues number with a funk-rock beat and a catchy melody that sears itself into the brain. Clark doesn’t waste a note or resort to any B-3 gimmickry; instead he quietly escalates the intensity of the performance. Guitarist Mike Mele and Steve Chaggaris, who handle their roles more than ably, engage Clark in a mysterious huddle of an interlude at the halfway point that erupts into a craze of action, like a football team drawing up a play and then throwing a bomb for a touchdown.

Reviewer: Steve Greenlee


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