King Pleasure: Moody's Mood For Love (aka I'm In The Mood For Love)


Moody's Mood For Love (aka I'm In The Mood For Love)


King Pleasure (vocals)


King Pleasure Sings / Annie Ross Sings (Prestige OJCCD-217-2)

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King Pleasure (vocals), Blossom Dearie (vocals), Cecil Payne (baritone sax),

Merrill Stepter (trumpet), Lem Davis (alto sax), Ray Abrams (tenor sax), Teacho Wiltshire (piano), Leonard Gaskin (bass), Teddy Lee (drums)


Vocalese lyrics by Eddie Jefferson set to James Moody’s musical improvisation on “I’m In The Mood For Love” composed by Jimmy McHugh & Dorothy Fields


Recorded: New York, February 19, 1952


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

Vocalese sets words to preexisting instrumental passages, usually note for note. Invented by singer Eddie Jefferson in the early 1940s, vocalese broke through in 1952 when King Pleasure recorded Jefferson's words to a 1949 solo by tenorman James Moody. In 2001, the Grammy Hall of Fame inducted this track but misidentified its artist as Moody, not Pleasure. At least, we think that's what Grammy meant, bless her heart. (Alzheimer's, you know.) Singing with more gusto than skill, Pleasure put vocalese on the map and then, as online biographer Alex Henderson writes, "faded into great obscurity." Isn't that the best kind?

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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