Bunny Berigan: I Can't Get Started


I Can't Get Started


Bunny Berigan (trumpet, vocals)


Let's Do It! (Fabulous 145)

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Bunny Berigan (trumpet, vocals), George Wettling (drums), Georgie Auld (tenor sax),

Irving Goodman, Steve Lipkins (trumpets), Al George, Sonny Lee (trombone); Mike Doty, Joe Dixon (clarinet, alto sax); Clyde Rounds, (tenor sax), Joe Lippman (piano), Tom Morgan (guitar), Hank Wayland (bass)


Composed by Vernon Duke & Ira Gershwin


Recorded: New York, August 7, 1937


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

When Hollywood needed a hyperlink to the nostalgically seedy 1930s for Save the Tiger (1973) and Chinatown (1974), this track filled the bill. Ranking high among Swing Era trumpeters and even higher among jazz's legendary lushes, Bunny Berigan here displays both attributes, playing brilliantly and singing with a wistfulness achieved through years of marinating in bathtub gin. With Prohibition repealed, bootleg drinking's urgency had slackened to laid-back, law-abiding alcoholism. Bunny's slightly woozy vocal exudes just enough vapors to make us root for the deluded braggart and romantic flop of Ira Gershwin's lyric. Fine song; classic performance.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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