Dexter Gordon: As Time Goes By


As Time Goes By


Dexter Gordon (tenor sax)


Manhattan Symphonie (Legacy/Columbia 93581)

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Dexter Gordon (tenor sax), George Cables (piano), Rufus Reid (bass), Eddie Gladden (drums).

Composed by Herman Hupfield


Recorded: New York, May 1, 1978


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

After a long expatriation, Dexter Gordon came home during the height of 1970s fusion confusion, and helped restore jazz to its senses. Forget the electrified gimmickry of Varitones and Echoplexes; all Dexter needed was an acoustic backup trio and his trusty tenor sax. Plus, of course, an unforgettable standard. Bogie, nursing a drink and broken heart in Casablanca (1942), muttered through gritted teeth, "If she can take it, I can take it." But Dexter, the ever-superior balladeer, makes us adore this tune even sober. "Moonlight and love songs," goes the lyric, are "never out of date." Nor is Dexter Gordon.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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