Pete Christlieb & Bob Cooper: Passion Flower


Passion Flower


Pete Christlieb (tenor sax) and Bob Cooper (tenor sax)


Mosaic (Capri 74026)

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Pete Christlieb (tenor sax), Bob Cooper (tenor sax), Mike Wofford (piano), Chuck Berghofer (bass), Donald Bailey (drums).

Composed by Billy Strayhorn


Recorded: Portland, Oregon, February 16, 1990


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

Duke Ellington’s celebrated alto saxophonist Johnny Hodges set the standard for the performance of Billy Strayhorn’s elegant ballad “Passion Flower.” Here two tenor saxophonists a generation apart, Bob Cooper, who rose to prominence during the so-called cool period of the 1950s, and Pete Christlieb, a big-toned player of more recent vintage, honor the alto master and complement each other in a bright Latin version of the classic.

Reviewer: David Franklin

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