Peter Cincotti: I Changed the Rules


I Changed the Rules


Peter Cincotti (vocals)


Peter Cincotti (Concord 2159)

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Peter Cincotti (vocals),

David Finck (bass), Kenny Washington (drums), Scott Kreitzer (tenor saxophone)


Composed by Peter Cincotti, Cynthia Cincotti and Pia Cincotti


Recorded: New York, no date given (CD released in 2003)


Rating: 79/100 (learn more)

Cincotti opened his eponymous debut CD with a song he composed (featuring lyrics by his mom!) called "I Changed the Rules." But Mom is not the best judge of her son's talent. Truth to tell, Cincotti follows the rulebook down to the most slavish detail. He adopts the pretty boy look, the retro stylings, the slick demeanor, and the musty repertoire - everything you would need to play a jazz singer in a period movie. This is what rock-pop moguls think jazz should sound like - unfortunately they expect us to go along for the ride. We recommend that Cincotti, in his future recordings, try changing the rules.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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