Melissa Stylianou: Them There Eyes


Them There Eyes



Sliding Down (Sleepin' Bee Music 1002)

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Melissa Stylianou (vocals),

Artie Roth (bass), Alan Hetherington (percussion), Kevin Breit (guitar)


Composed by Maceo Pinkard, William Tracy, and Doris Tauber


Recorded: Toronto, Oct. 6-11, 2005


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

"Them There Eyes" is one of the hokiest, silliest tunes in the American popular songbook, and only a fool or a genius would try to bring it to life today. (Speaking of genius: I still recall with delight Jimmy Rowles and Al Cohn deconstructing this song in a now-forgotten recording from thirty years ago - someone please get that disk back into print!) But the very stylish Stylianou rises to the occasion, and tosses everything from surreal scatting to Middle Eastern modes into this vibrant performance. This vocalist is one of the best-kept secrets in jazz, but secrets like this deserve to be shared.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia


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