Patricia Barber: Whiteworld




Patricia Barber (vocals, piano)


Live: A Fortnight in Paris (Blue Note 78213)

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Patricia Barber (vocals, piano),

Neal Alger (guitar), Michael Arnopol (bass), Eric Montzka (drums)


Composed by Patricia Barber


Recorded: La Rochelle, Metz and Paris, March and April 2004


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

Here is a snatch of the lyrics - "I have institutions in the West / To make institutions in the East / I historically revise / with Deconstructionist ease." Yep, we have come a long way from June-moon-spoon rhymes. And even in the land of Derrida, where this live recording was made, they may not know exactly what to make of Patricia Barber. But at a time when most jazz vocalists are held in thrall to a vocabulary (musical and literary) that is a half-century old, this fresh, unpredictable singer-songwriter is a welcome addition to the contemporary scene. Barber can be trés recherché at times, but do not be fooled by the highbrow references in her lyrics - she can also interpret a ballad with great feeling or dig in on the keyboard with the best of her generation. Highly recommended!

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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