Jim Hall: Piece for Guitar & Strings


Piece for Guitar & Strings


Jim Hall (guitar)


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Jim Hall (guitar), Scott LaFaro (bass),

Charles Libove, Roland Vamos (violins), Harry Zaratzian, Alfred Brown (violas), Joseph Tekula (cello)


Composed by Jim Hall. Conducted by Gunther Schuller


Recorded: New York, December 19, 1960


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

Jim Hall's pre-1960 written output had been, as was the guitarist himself, modest. Hall the composer came out of left field—or, at least, out of Cleveland, where he matriculated at the Institute of Music. His bluesy playing is no surprise, since that was always Hall's forte. Nor is it unexpected that he incorporates folk jazz, which he'd explored as Jimmy Giuffre's sideman. What's revelatory about Hall's Opus #1 is his uncanny writing for strings, rendering those hoary Stradivari tinderboxes as funky as fiddles at a hoedown. Like the MJQ's "England's Carol," this proves Third Stream can be fun.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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