Muggsy Spanier: Big Butter and Egg Man


Big Butter and Egg Man


Muggsy Spanier (cornet)


Muggsy Spanier 1939-1944 (Giants of Jazz 53222)

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Muggsy Spanier (cornet), George Brunies (trombone, shouts), Rod Cless (clarinet), Ray McKinstry (tenor sax), George Zack (piano), Bob Casey (guitar), Pat Pattison (bass), Marty Greenberg (drums).

Composed by Sidney Clare, Cliff Friend & Lester Santly


Recorded: Chicago, July 7, 1939


Rating: 80/100 (learn more)

"Muggsy" is a splendid jazz name. But can you picture it in another genre? Muggsy Beethoven, say, strains credulity. Jazz's Muggsy Spanier, though, was on the cutting edge of pre-World War II Dixieland revivalism—that is, if a revivalist can be cutting edge. Here he revives a 1926 Louis Armstrong Hot Five classic to dubious effect. Muggsy was not in Louis's league as a cornetist (who was?). Nor does George Brunies shouting "Jive me, Jack" rival Armstrong's bawdy banter with singer May Alix. Absent the tongue- in-cheekiness of present-day retro, Muggsy is mugged by his own sincerity. More egg than butter.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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