Gary Foster: The Peacocks


The Peacocks


Gary Foster (alto flute)


Make Your Own Fun (Concord Jazz CCD 4459)

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Gary Foster (alto flute), Jimmy Rowles (piano), John Heard (bass), Joe La Barbera (drums).

Composed by Jimmy Rowles


Recorded: Hollywood, CA, January, 1991


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

The alto flute is the Lauren Bacall of musical instruments. Its slightly lower pitch than the concert flute makes for a huskiness that's, as the French say, très sexy. Indeed, in To Have and Have Not (1944), Miss Bacall herself provides the best instruction on playing it: "You just put your lips together and blow." The lips here belong to Gary Foster, covering a tune best known for Stan Getz's lovely 1975 duet with its composer, Jimmy Rowles, who's also on this track. But just as a peacock's shimmering plumage varies with changes in light or position, flautist Foster fans a gorgeous, thoroughly seductive iridescence all his own.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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