Gene Krupa & Roy Eldridge: Rockin' Chair


Rockin' Chair


Gene Krupa (featuring Roy Eldridge)


Roy Eldridge with Gene Krupa and Anita O'Day Uptown (Columbia CK-45448)

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Gene Krupa (drums), Roy Eldridge (trumpet),

Norman Murphy (trumpet), Torg Halten (trumpet), Graham Young (trumpet), John Grassi (trombone), Jay Kelliher (trombone), Babe Wagner (trombone), Musky Ruffo (alto sax), Walter Bates (tenor sax), Sam Musiker (tenor sax), Sam Listengart (baritone sax), Milt Raskin (piano), Ray Biondi (guitar), Eddie Mihelich (bass)


Arranged by Elton Hill


Recorded: New York, July 2, 1941


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

In the 1950s, Eldridge rerecorded this song under his own name with a small combo, but this is the original masterpiece by the trumpeter. His solo, which dominates the side from beginning to end, has been studied by generations of brass players. However, Eldridge had been taken unawares when Krupa originally called the tune at the recording session, and thinking that his playing was not up to snuff, he begged the drummer not to release the side. But on hearing the issued disc, he warmed up to the performance, and later would often refer to it as representing his best work on records.

Reviewer: Cliff Preiss

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