George Cables: Goin' Home


Goin' Home


George Cables (piano)


Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Vol. 35 (Concord Jazz CCD-4630)

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George Cables (piano).

Composed by Antonín Dvo?ák


Recorded: Maybeck Recital Hall, Berkeley, CA, January 9, 1994


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

The 2nd-movement tune from Dvo?ák's New World Symphony (1893) sounds so American that many listeners mistake it for a Negro spiritual. The Czech composer, however, having written it in New York, insisted his themes were original, merely "embodying the peculiarities" of indigenous music. A hundred years later, George Cables demonstrates that "Goin' Home" had become as American as baseball (from Britain and Ireland), hot dogs (Vienna/Frankfurt), apple pie (England) and Chevrolet (Swiss immigrant). In any case, quoting Ellington's "I Got It Bad," Cables gently reminds us that, be it ever so humble, our most authentically American indigenous peculiarity is jazz.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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