Woody Herman: Goosey Gander


Goosey Gander


Woody Herman (clarinet)


Blowin' Up A Storm: The Columbia Years 1945-1947 (Columbia/Legacy C2K 65646)

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Woody Herman (clarinet), Sonny Berman (trumpet), Pete Candoli (trumpet), Bill Harris (trombone), John LaPorta (alto sax, clarinet), Sam Marowitz (alto sax, clarinet), Flip Phillips (tenor sax), Marjorie Hyams (vibes), Ralph Burns (piano), Billy Bauer (guitar), Chubby Jackson (bass), Dave Tough (drums),

Charles Frankhauser, Ray Wetzel, Carl Warwick (trumpet); Ralph Pfeffner, Ed Kiefer (trombone); Pete Mondello (tenor sax), Skippy DeSair (baritone sax)


Arranged by Ralph Burns. Composed by Woody Herman


Recorded: New York, March 1, 1945


Rating: 97/100 (learn more)

This track takes its name from a nursery rhyme, but don't let Woody Herman's First Herd anywhere near the nursery. True, "Goosey Gander" starts tamely enough, with Woody's clarinet waddling like a gosling, followed by Flip Phillips's casually watchful tenor sax. But then somebody wakes up Bill Harris, and the geese go a gaggle. Harris was so powerful, Woody's 3-man trombone section could out-blast Ohio State's Marching Band at halftime in Columbus. Not to be outdone, Pete "Superman" Candoli leads the trumpets blowing all-out for Truth, Justice & the American Way. If birds evolved from dinosaurs, "Goosey Gander" was Tyrannosaurus rex.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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