Edmund Hall: Jammin' in Four


Jammin' In Four


Edmund Hall (clarinet)


Edmond Hall: Profoundly Blue (Blue Note 821260)

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Edmund Hall (clarinet), Meade Lux Lewis (celeste), Charlie Christian (guitar), Israel Crosby (bass).

Recorded: February 5, 1941


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Hall was one of the great New Orleans clarinetists, but he was a fixture of the New York jazz club scene at the time of this recording. Donít be fooled by the instrumentation of this drummer-less ensemble: this isnít quiet chamber music, but a swinging romp driven by Crosbyís bass and Christianís acoustic rhythm guitar. They back the unique sweet and sour sonic combination of Meade Lux Lewis pounding out boogie-woogie on celeste with Hallís hard-edged clarinet blues. Christianís four-chorus single-line solo reveals how this short-lived musician influenced generations of guitarists to come.

Reviewer: Cliff Preiss

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