Herbie Mann & Buddy Collette: Give a Little Whistle


Give a Little Whistle


Herbie Mann (flute) and Buddy Collette (flute, piccolo)


Flute Fraternity (V.S.O.P. #38 CD Mode 114)

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Herbie Mann (flute), Buddy Collette (flute, piccolo), Jimmy Rowles (piano), Buddy Clark (bass), Mel Lewis (drums).

Composed by Leigh Harline & Ned Washington


Recorded: Hollywood, July 1957


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

Disney's animated morality play Pinocchio (1940) depicts a puppet's quest to become human by resisting corruption. "And if you start to slide," he's advised, "Give a little whistle! And always let your conscience be your guide." Too bad the movie wasn't required childhood viewing for future Enron, Adelphia and WorldCom executives, who might've subsequently avoided having whistles blown on them. These five jazzmen, though, must've had front-row seats. Their integrity is impeccable. As for who's who, Buddy's on the left channel; Herbie's to the right; and that little whistle you hear is Collette's peeping piccolo. Jiminy Cricket, this swings!

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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