Pat Metheny: Bright Size Life


Bright Size Life


Pat Metheny (guitar)


Bright Size Life (ECM 827133-2)

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Pat Metheny (guitar), Jaco Pastorius (bass), Bob Moses (drums).

Recorded: Tonstudio Bauer. Ludwigsburg, Germany. December, 1975


Rating: 98/100 (learn more)

Pat Metheny's Bright Size Life ensemble avoided the “supergroup” moniker (and associated bad karma) by presenting compositions that allowed melodic invention and interplay to rule over runaway displays of chops. This title track from Metheny's debut release finds the guitarist running lines that are clearly inspired both by the inventive drumming of Moses and the muscular drive of close friend and jazz force of nature, the late Jaco Pastorius. Many artists shun their early work, finding it underdeveloped and embarrassing. It's a commentary on the strength of this performance that “Bright Size Life” remains in Metheny's live repertoire to this day, over thirty years after its release.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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