Chuck Mangione: Feels So Good


Feels So Good


Chuck Mangione (flugelhorn, electric piano)


Feels So Good (A&M 75021-3219-2)

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Chuck Mangione (flugelhorn, electric piano), Grant Geissman (guitar),

Chris Vadala (tenor sax), Charles Meeks (bass), James Bradley, Jr. (drums)


Composed by Chuck Mangione


Recorded: Burbank, CA, 1977


Rating: 77/100 (learn more)

Flügelhorn is German for turkey. The cornet's klutzy cousin, despite sonorous middle and lower registers, has notoriously weak upper reaches. Miles Davis and Shorty Rogers wisely kept to its natural range, but less savvy players insist on attempting higher notes that'd be a cinch on a trumpet but break miserably on the F-horn. Leading the pack of miserable breakers is Chuck Mangione, whose cracked tones have impressed gullible hordes as emotionally freighted—analogous to a human voice rent from overwhelming feeling. Far be it from us to spoil anyone's angst, but Mangione is closer to weak-lipped Herb Alpert than to Edvard Munch.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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