Kenny G: Songbird




Kenny G (soprano sax, keyboards, electronics)


Duotones (BMG 37832)

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Kenny G (soprano sax, keyboards, electronics),

John Raymond, Corrado Rustici, Alan Glass (guitars), Randy Jackson, Joe Plass, Walter Afanasieff, Roger Sause, Preston Glass, Cory Lerios (keyboards, wind chimes), Kenny McDougald (drums), Tony Gable, Greg “Gigi” Conway (percussion)


Composed by Kenny G


Recorded: San Rafael, CA., 1986


Rating: 60/100 (learn more)

Seldom has a jazz track ignited such firestorms. Songbirding, as it's now known, gained notoriety during the 1989 overthrow of Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, who, fleeing the U.S. invasion, took sanctuary in the Apostolic Nunciature. Since assaulting the Holy See's embassy would've violated international law, U.S. troops surrounded the compound with loudspeakers, volume cranked to 11, from which they directed an around-the-clock barrage of Kenny G's hit. After enduring 72 hours of this unspeakable torture, Gen. Noriega emerged, hands clasped to his ears, and meekly surrendered. Although songbirding remains a controversial tool in the war against terror, no one doubts its effectiveness.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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