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Maynard Ferguson


A Message from Birdland (Roulette Jazz 0946 3 97447 2 5)

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13-piece band featuring Maynard Ferguson (trumpet), Jerry Tyree (trumpet), Slide Hampton (trombone), Jimmy Ford (alto sax), Joe Zawinul (piano), Frankie Dunlop (drums)


Composed by Sonny Rollins. Arranged by Slide Hampton


Recorded: New York, June 17, 1959


Rating: 96/100 (learn more)

Some people detest Maynard Ferguson. These are mostly dog-owners whose canines cower whenever Maynard assaults the ozone layer with his stratospheric trumpet. For the rest of us, it's impossible not to stand and salute this flag-waver recorded live at Birdland. Slide Hampton's arrangement is dynamite, and the band's performance is explosive. Dunlop's drums overly dominate the mix, but that's an audio not a musical blemish, which actually increases excitement. As a precaution, have the nurse check your pulse after you listen to this. And please DO NOT download Maynard's "Oleo" to your pooch's iPod. Doggie ears are just too sensitive.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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