Nellie Lutcher: He's a Real Gone Guy


He's a Real Gone Guy


Nellie Lutcher (piano, vocals)


The Best of Nellie Lutcher (Blue Note 35039)

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Nellie Lutcher (piano, vocals),

Nappy Lamare (guitar), Billy Hadnott (bass), Lee Young (drums)


Composed by Nellie Lutcher


Recorded: Los Angeles, April 30, 1947


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

Nellie Lutcher defies pigeonholing. Her brother Joe Lutcher was a jump blues artist, but Nellie's musical skills weren't minimalist enough to suit that genre. Nor did she affect the hoity-toity refinement of Hazel Scott. One of 15 siblings from Lake Charles, LA, Nellie was down-home as a simmering pot of jambalaya, and just as spicy. Her zest is contagious, as on this track during a unison scat-vocal/piano chorus; that her vocal range doesn't extend to the keyboard's upper reaches only makes her game attempts to get there more delightful. "Gone," in 1940s jive talk, meant superlative. Nellie Lutcher was a real gone gal.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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