Sonny Rollins: Disco Monk


Disco Monk


Sonny Rollins (tenor sax, overdubbed piano and tenor sax)


Don't Ask (Original Jazz Classics 9152)

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Sonny Rollins (tenor sax, overdubbed piano and tenor sax), Mark Soskin (keyboards), Larry Coryell (electric guitar), Al Foster (drums), Bill Summers (percussion),

Jerome Harris (electric bass)


Composed by Sonny Rollins


Recorded: Berkeley, CA, May 15, 1979


Rating: 69/100 (learn more)

Sonny Rollins has always delighted in the mundane as a means of challenging himself. Lurking behind his penchant for unlikely sources is a trenchant wit that recalls pioneering political cartoonist Thomas Nast. As decisively as Nast lampooned bloated grafters of American politics, Rollins skewers lame ducks of American popular music, simultaneously ridiculing and rising triumphantly above his sources. One is left to wonder, though, as Sonny discos the night away, why a great artist would ruminate on such dross. Satire goes a long way, but enough already, TheodoreŚwe get the point. As for Monk, this silly track's only connection to Thelonious is its title.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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