Mark Murphy: You've Proven Your Point (Bongo Beep)


Youíve Proven Your Point (Bongo Beep)


Mark Murphy (vocals)


Bop for Kerouac (Muse MCD 5253)

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Mark Murphy (vocals), Richie Cole (alto sax), Bruce Forman (guitar), Bill Mays (keyboards), Bob Magnusson (bass), Roy McCurdy (drums).

Composed by Charlie Parker with lyrics by David Lahm


Recorded: Hollywood, CA, March 12, 1981


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

No jazz vocalist has surpassed Mark Murphy at evoking the bohemian, beatnik sensibility of the 1950s in song form. His 1981 theme album Bop for Kerouac is a classic of the genre, a must-have for listeners who look to jazz as a pathway to a hipper lifestyle. Here Murphy relies on a Charlie Parker composition to pay homage to another great saxophonist, Sonny Stitt. Dave Lahmís lyrics are clever, and Murphy delivers them with panache. Richie Cole maintains the lighthearted, humorous tone on his alto solo. Stitt was still around to enjoy this peculiar tribute, although he would be dead from a heart attack a year later.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia


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