Buddy Collette & James Newton: Flute Talk


Flute Talk


Buddy Collette (flute) and James Newton (flute)


Flute Talk (Soul Note 121 165-2)

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Buddy Collette (flute), James Newton (flute).

Composed by Buddy Collette & James Newton


Recorded: Milan, Italy, July 4, 1988


Rating: 96/100 (learn more)

Excavated flutes fashioned from a mammoth's tusk or swan's bones have been dated to >35,000 years. Imagine the shock of hearing that first flutist! And how long did it take before a second joined in? "Flute Talk," improvised by modern masters playing state-of-the-art instruments, obviously cannot be compared with cave art. But at its heart is the same impulse that motivated the prehistoric duet of tusk and bone, namely to make sounds that interest not just one player and listeners, but multiple players whose conversation may have been an entirely new human experience. "Flute Talk" preserves a profound tradition. Beautifully.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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