Herbie Mann: Comin' Home, Baby


Comin' Home, Baby


Herbie Mann (flute)


Atlantic Top 60: Jazz, Jive and Strut (Rhino Atlantic)

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Herbie Mann (flute),

Hagood Hardy (vibes), Ben Tucker & Ahmad Abdul-Malik (basses), Rudy Collins (drums), Ray Mantilla & Chief Bey (percussion)


Composed by Ben Tucker & Bob Dorough


Recorded: New York, November 17, 1961


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

Herbie Mann's 1957 decision to flute exclusively was an unprecedented risk. Hard as it was to earn a living playing only jazz, fulltime fluting would be a fluke fit for a flake. To his lasting credit, Herbie Mann-aged this feat, establishing himself as jazz's most popular flutist for over a decade, and in so doing also solidifed the flute's rightful place in jazz. Recorded live, "Comin' Home, Baby" demonstrates Mann's appeal as he nimbly hang-glides above a steady 12-bar blues vamp anchored by two bassists and three drummers. (Pretty hard to miss the beat with that crew.)

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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