Karrin Allyson: All You Need To Say (Never Say Yes)


All You Need To Say (Never Say Yes)


Karrin Allyson (vocals)


Footprints ((Concord 2291)

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Karrin Allyson (vocals), Nancy King (vocals), Bruce Barth (piano), Peter Washington (bass), Todd Strait (drums).

Composed by Nat Adderley. Lyric by Chris Caswell


Recorded: New York, September 24-29, 2005


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Imagine Einstein theorizing on jazz: “Physics/Jazz constitutes a logical system of thought which is in a state of evolution, whose basis cannot be distilled, as it were, from experience by an inductive method, but can only be arrived at by free invention.” In 1961 Nat composes a logical system of thought called, “Never Say Yes” which he and Cannon record. Evolution ensues and 44 years later chemist Caswell augments the formula, and voclear physicists Allyson and King interact through free invention, energy, and light-speed improvisation with a Nobel Prize-worthy ensemble, replete with kinetic bassist. The result? E=mc hipped.

Reviewer: Marissa Dodge

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