Karrin Allyson: Follow the Footprints (Footprints)


Follow the Footprints (Footprints)


Karrin Allyson (vocals)


Footprints (Concord 2291)

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Karrin Allyson (vocals), Nancy King (vocals), Nick Phillips (trumpet), Bruce Barth (piano), Peter Washington (bass), Todd Strait (drums).

Composed by Wayne Shorter. Lyric by Chris Caswell


Recorded: New York, September 24-29, 2005


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Buddha Shorter tossed this pebble into the pond and each ripple embraced a new set of lyrics. Its re- incarnations include African ancestry, ecology, musicians, and love, yet Chris Caswell’s lyric of loss and hope transforms “Footprints” into the ultimate theme. Combine the polished stone of Karrin’s earnest voice, muted trumpet, waterfall piano, and ethereal concord, and the effect dwells in the mind like a Zen question. While contemplating the greatest unknown, what better soundtrack than the Satori of jazz, and what better Nara-Narayana than Karrin to gracefully guide us to shores where losses are recovered and music might be exponential.

Reviewer: Marissa Dodge

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