Kid Ory: Ory's Creole Trombone


Ory’s Creole Trombone


Kid Ory (trombone)


Kid Ory: 1922-1945 (Classics 1069)

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Kid Ory (trombone), Papa Mutt Carey (cornet), 'Dink' Johnson (clarinet),

Fred Washington (piano); Ed Garland (string bass); Ben Borders (drums)


Composed by Kid Ory


Recorded: Los Angeles, June 1922


Rating: 98/100 (learn more)

This pioneering recording of the first African-American New Orleans jazz band on record both stands on its own merit and confirms the authenticity of Ory’s 1940s recordings. Much is the same: the joyous, uncluttered ensemble work and Ory’s familiar swagger (notice his delightful anticipatory attacks, often a full beat ahead) are present. Carey’s impassioned sweet-hot lead is also heard, just as it would be 23 years later. Notice the excellent clarinet work by “Dink” Johnson, a pianist and drummer who admired Larry Shields of the ODJB. He plays a sensible arpeggiated style, avoiding the de rigueur swooping and squawking effects. The band sounds relaxed despite the vigorous 220 beats-per-minute. With careful listening, one may hear glimpses of Ed Garland’s string bass–an instrument that did not record well during those pre-microphone days–during the first strain at measure 12 and similar spots.

Reviewer: David Sager

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