Sue Raney & Bob Florence: You Must Believe in Spring


You Must Believe In Spring


Sue Raney (vocals) and Bob Florence (piano)


Flight of Fancy (Discovery 931)

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Sue Raney (vocals), Bob Florence (piano).

Recorded: Hollywood, CA, February 20 and 24 and March 18, 1986


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

Although Sue Raney has recorded lots of commercial jingles, she has also performed with Supersax and others, including recordings with Michel Legrand and Henry Mancini. On what was basically a series of recording sessions with Raney and a trio of piano, bass, and drums, “You Must Believe in Spring” features a poignant rubato duet by the singer and pianist Bob Florence. Raney’s pure voice, precise pitch, and impeccable phrasing are framed by the consummate accompaniment of Florence, who also conceived and arranged the album.

Reviewer: David Franklin


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