Vince Guaraldi: Linus and Lucy


Linus and Lucy


Vince Guaraldi (piano)


A Charlie Brown Christmas (Fantasy FCD-8431-2)

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Vince Guaraldi (piano), Fred Marshall (bass), Jerry Granelli (drums).

Composed by Vince Guaraldi


Recorded: Berkeley, CA, 1964


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

"Twelve drummers drumming?" suggested Linus. "Don't be ridiculous," snapped Lucy, his older sister. They were choosing a gift for her unrequiting sweetheart, Schroeder the toy pianist. "I've got it!" exclaimed Linus, passing Lucy an LP from the stash in Charlie Brown's garage. "Vince Guaraldi?" she hesitated. "Is that classical?" Linus, anxious to finish before Charlie Brown returned from the fool's errand upon which Lucy had sent him, replied, "The classiest!" And that's how Schroeder came to supplement his devotion to Beethoven with a love of jazz. Alas, he still ignored Lucy—one more thing for which she'd never forgive Linus.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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