Brent Jensen & David Sills: 317 East 32nd Street


317 E. 32nd St.


Brent Jensen (alto sax) and David Sills (tenor sax)


Stay Cool (Origin 82403)

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Brent Jensen (alto sax), David Sills (tenor sax),

Zac Matthews (bass), Dean Koba (drums)


Composed by Lennie Tristano


Recorded: North Hollywood, March 29, 2002


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

Aside from its inherent worth as an excellent performance by two superior saxophonists, “317 E. 32nd St.” is also interesting for its influences and inspirations. Brent Jensen and David Sills are among a handful of contemporary saxophonists whose playing reflects the values of such antecedent modern sax men as Lee Konitz (still active at this writing) and Warne Marsh, who developed personal styles not directly modeled on Charlie Parker’s. Emphasizing the connection, Jensen and Sills sail through a composition by Lennie Tristano, a cool school icon in whose groups Konitz and Marsh were often featured.

Reviewer: David Franklin

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