Gerry Mulligan: You Took Advantage of Me


You Took Advantage of Me


Gerry Mulligan Concert Jazz Band


Jazz Masters 36 (Verve 314 523 342-2)

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Gerry Mulligan (baritone sax), Don Ferrara (trumpet), Conte Candoli (trumpet), Bob Brookmeyer (trombone), Gene Quill (alto sax), Mel Lewis (drums),

Nick Travis (trumpet), Wayne Andre, Alan Raph (trombones); Dick Meldonian (alto sax), Gene Allen, (baritone sax), Buddy Clark (bass)


Composed by Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart. Arranged by Bob Brookmeyer


Recorded: New York, July 25, 1960


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

In 1960, when Gerry Mulligan and his former longtime sideman Bob Brookmeyer assembled a 13-piece band, economics rendered 13 unluckier than usual. "We didn't want to make money, we wanted to prove a point," Brookmeyer said later. "That there could still be a great big band." On this track, Brookmeyer's arrangement takes advantage of the CJB's superb ensemble, and the trombonist himself delivers a droll, choked-valve cornucopia of smears, burrs, sputters and gusts evoking the lowdown delights of gutbucket jazz but with modernist flair. Point proved. The CJB made no money, but was a great band.

Note: Do not be misled by the album art showing Gerry Mulligan playing tenor sax. For some reason, when PolyGram Records devoted its Jazz Masters 36 CD in 1994 to musical history's most famous baritone saxophonist, they chose said photograph for its cover. Nowhere on the CD does Mulligan play tenor sax. Instead, he excels on his customary baritone, and on a couple of occasions switches to piano or clarinet. PolyGram ought to have deferred picking its album covers until Bring Your Kid to Work Day; a child wouldn't have made such a stupid selection.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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