Michael Brecker: Midnight Voyage


Midnight Voyage


Michael Brecker (tenor sax)


Tales From The Hudson (IMPD 191)

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Michael Brecker (tenor sax), Pat Metheny (guitar), Jack DeJohnette (drums), Dave Holland (bass), Joey Calderazzo (piano).

Composed by Michael Brecker


Recorded: New York, 1996.


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Before recording in an acoustic setting, Brecker was best known for his fusion dates with brother Randy, his work in the group Steps Ahead and his experiments with the electronic wind instrument (EWI) on his own albums. This mid-90s release, his third on Impulse!, may seem more conventional and mainstream than previous dates, but the music still has fire. Sounding anything but rushed on "Midnight Voyage," Brecker purposefully eases into his solo, letting his sense of melody guide the way rather than his technical prowess. This track offers something different from the typical higher/louder/faster playing that Brecker does as well as anyone.

Reviewer: Darren Mueller


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