Mindi Abair: As Good As It Gets


As Good As It Gets


Mindi Abair (alto sax)


It Just Happens That Way (GRP 440 065 229-2)

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Mindi Abair (alto sax),

Ricky Peterson (Wurlitzer), Ty Stevens, Mike Landau & Dwight Sills (guitars), Stan Sargeant (bass), Steve Ferrone (drums), Lenny Castro (percussion), Matthew Hager (programming)


Composed by Mindi Abair, Matthew Hager & Ty Stevens


Recorded: Calabasas, CA, August 2002


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

Gray-bearded geezers prattling about the old days are insufferable bores, especially to young people. But we can't resist. In the old days, for Blue Note album art, co-owner Francis Wolff would unobtrusively snap a close-up black-&-white unposed photo of the artist at work or pensively pondering a playback (e.g., John Coltrane's Blue Train), which graphic designer Reid Miles later cropped and often creatively tinted (did someone mention Blue Train?) for album art that is now considered classic. Nowadays, things are more complicated. This CD boasts, besides photography, separate credits for wardrobe, hair styling, hair color and make-up. We can only imagine what poor baggy-raincoated Lou Donaldson might've achieved given such pampering. Anyhow, besides looking as glamorous as a hotel heiress, Her Hairness Mindi Abair makes terrific Art Deco/techno-pop/electronica/adult-alternative-crossover/titanium-trendy/trip-hop/ nouveau-club jazz records. "As Good As It Gets" is just that.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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