Mindi Abair: Make a Wish


Make a Wish


Mindi Abair (alto sax, vocals, keyboards)


Come As You Are (GRP 000252702)

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Mindi Abair (alto sax, vocals, keyboards),

Mike Landau (guitar), Ricky Petersen (piano), Stan Sargeant (bass), Steve Ferrone (drums), Luis Conte (percussion), Ty Stevens & Matthew Hager (programming)


Composed by Mindi Abair & Ty Stevens


Recorded: Hollywood, 2004


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

Correction: In previously reviewing Mindi Abair's "As Good As It Gets," we said she makes Art Deco/ techno-pop/electronica/adult-alternative-crossover/titanium-trendy/trip-hop/nouveau-club jazz records. It has come to our attention that this taxonomy is mistaken. Abair actually makes adult-electronica/pop- art/nouveau-alternative/trendy-techno/crossover-Deco/titanium-trip club-hopping jazz records. Sorry for any confusion. Also, we thought "As Good As It Gets" was just that. But "Make a Wish" is even better. Abair, producer Matthew Hager and co-writer Ty Stevens create not mere background for her winsome alto sax, but an aural American anime. Bish?jo bebop, anyone?

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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